Sudaka, Counter-hegemony, RetroDarkWave, LiveCoding, AudioReactive
M4LD1TX 5UD4K4 is an audiovisual algorave session of ​voodoochild/ based on live-coding sequencing MIDI via TidalCycles, Text-to-Speech in SuperCollider and audio-reactive visuals developed in Processing and controlled via OSC.
M4LD1TX 5UD4K4 is a series of real-time compositional exercises based on elements taken from Latin American pop culture with a retrofuturist look that references synth-pop as a post-apocalyptic folklore, pretending to be both protest song and dance music at the same time.
In ​M4LD1TX 5UD4K4 live-coding operates as an exercise of reappropriation, dialogue and update of the memory in the "now". From the tensions and permanent contradictions between the local and the global, between the anachronic and the current, the hi and the low fi, etc., the performance leads through code as denaturalized language to a visual and sound experience that is articulated from the intimate and emotional; the code, digitized, visible, is considered as another "lyric" layer of the performance, and the live-coding in its displacement is proposed as a posthuman song.
M4LD1TX 5UD4K4 attempts to juxtapose imaginaries in an exercise of articulation of affective and territorial memory. This way, to images of flag patterns, the wipala, 8-bit street riots, or the inverted world map, are added the lyrics and arpeggios of songs of Los Prisioneros, Víctor Jara or Virus as part of a dystopian iconographic and musical exploration.

2019 voodoochild/:M4LD1TX5UD4K4. Live-coding Performance.
International Conference on Live Coding ICLC 2019
Enero 17: Nave de Terneras / II Sesión Algorave
Enero 19: Medialab Prado / Encuentro AVLab, comisariado por In-Sonora en la convocatoria de "Livecoders latinoamericanos". Madrid, España.
2018 voodoochild/:M4LD1TX5UD4K4. Live-coding Performance.
Noviembre 28: LUMEN: Encuentro internacional de Arte Contemporáneo y Nuevos Medios, Punta Arenas.

M4LD1TX 5UD4K4 live demo:

voodoochild/: m4LD1TX5UD4K4: ML4BPR4D0_MAD_REPL ( 2019 ) Full Album HD:
Recorded live at 4th International Conference on LiveCoding 2019 MedialabPrado MAD 2019/01/19

@LÚMEN Medios Nómades:

Live @ICLC2019 Nave de Terneras, Madrid (Fotos por Marianne Teixido):