Transduction, Space, Time, Circularity, Bidirectionality, Torque
Installation / Variable Dimentions
8 x {
+den-den drum
+soldering third hand
+DIY amplifier circuit
+plastic case
+10 watts led focus
+feeding cables
+signal cables}
+1x Arduino Microcontroller

curated by Paula Gaetaano-Adi
Recoded by Leo Núñez
Rewired by Miguel Grassi
Background athmosphere by Hamilton Mestizo

drumCircle[] is an autonomous instrument composed of eight connected den-den drums mounted to LED spotlights to create a temporal and spatial network of machine-viewers interactions.
Arranged in a circle pointing inward toward the center of the installation, these modules project light and sound patterns bidirectionally to create an immersive and ritualistic technological experience that illuminates how space an time are shaped by technology.
They create relationships of dominance and meaning between subjects and objects, modifying our cognitive processes and the symbolic relationships we create with our environment.

Technical Rider:

drumCircle[] @unsettledArtifacts/SIGGRAPH2017 ( 2017 ) from Christian Oyarzún on Vimeo.